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Shoes, Shoes, Shoes!

I was shopping for shoes at the weekend – it was tough, but someone has to do it!!

I was looking through all the different styles, trying to find something I could cope with wearing whilst being a Destination Wedding Planner; on my feet all day long, in the Italian heat, but still wanting to look professional and smart. This got me thinking about how shoes define you. What type of shoe says the most about you? Do you feel great in very high court shoes, or do you feel more like “you” in flip-flops?

I think whatever the answer to that question is, will help you decide what type of wedding you want – high heeled courts? - You will probably feel most comfortable with a smart, Palazzo type wedding. Flip-flops? A Beach Wedding or a Rustic Wedding would suit you more.

Whatever you chose, just bear in mind the terrain you are going to have to cope with during the day. Will there be lots of steps, uneven flagstones or wooden floorboards?

Is it going to be mostly on grass? If so, obviously flats are better, or invest in heel covers to stop your stilettos sinking.

Remember, that your wedding day is the one day when you need to feel like yourself. You need to be comfortable in what you wearing and how you are styled – and you need to be able to cope with many hours of standing, dancing and having fun!

What do your shoes say about you?

Weddings are a fabulous excuse to buy fabulous shoes – choose wisely and enjoy it!

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