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Wedding Traditions in Italy

Italy is a land full of traditions and not least of these are the wedding traditions.

If you are planning to get married in Italy, you may want to add some of these to your own to make it an authentic experience – some might well be ignored!

Traditions vary from region to region, but a few are embedded in the Italian culture and heritage.

La Serenata

The night before the wedding the groom arranges for a group of musicians to play under the bride’s window and he joins them in a serenade to wake her up.  Family and friends usually gather there as well and the event turns into a very festive occasion.


Usually known as coloured paper, confetti in Italy are sugared covered almonds which are displayed on the tables and form part of the Bomboniere which is the gift traditionally given to guests as a thank you.

Wedding Dress

As you can imagine, the dress has all sorts of superstitions attached to it.  The bride shouldn’t look in the mirror once she has the dress on, but if she really has to, she must remove one shoe, an earring or a glove first.

Bridal Bouquet

It is traditionally the groom’s job to supply the bridal bouquet.  The Bride may chose want she wants, but the groom should pay!  It is looked on as the last gift he gives his girlfriend before she becomes his wife.



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