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Your dream is get to married in Italy, maybe in a palazzo, maybe on the beach, or maybe in amongst the vines and olive groves, but you are worried. Maybe it will be too expensive, maybe no one will be able to afford to come, is it too foreign, too difficult?

These are all valid questions and ones which all couples contemplating a destination wedding ask. But these concerns shouldn’t stop you from having the wedding of your dreams – it will be worth the effort!

It is too expensive?

Roughly 85% of your wedding cost will be taken up with catering. Venues in Italy usually offer a 3-5 course meal, which will include a traditional Italian wedding cake and some of the wine/prosecco for a very reasonable amount.

Whereas in the UK you would have to pay for the hire of the venue on top of the catering costs, in many venues in Italy it is an all-inclusive fee so works out a lot cheaper. That and the fact that your guest list is likely to be much smaller at a destination wedding, will save you a lot of money.

Some venues will also include traditional flower arrangements in the price and as the location is likely to be beautiful in its own right, usually less is more. Having your ceremony in an olive grove or a vineyard will negate the need for costly decorations.

You can also use the trip as your honeymoon – one plane ticket for two reasons!

Will our guests be able to come?

These days, with family and friends spread over a large distance, it is quite usual to have to stay in a hotel overnight, wherever the wedding. Italy is still relatively cheap for B&B accommodation and many venues will offer a discount if you book for exclusive use – especially in low season (when the weather is still lovely!).

If your guests are worried about the cost of airfare and accommodation, maybe suggest that they pay for this rather than for a wedding present – saying their “presence” at the wedding is “present” enough!

An added bonus of a destination wedding is, you can avoid offending people you might feel obligated to include if your wedding were in the UK.

Italian Bureaucracy

Whilst it isn’t simple getting married in another country and Italy is no exception, a good Wedding Planner will guide you through the steps and make sure that everything is water tight. Just make sure that you have a Registered Translator at the ceremony (again your Wedding Planner should have this covered).

Whilst it may not be quite so romantic, another option is to have your legal ceremony at a Registrar Office in the UK and then have a symbolic ceremony in Italy.

Can I make the wedding unique to me?

Your wedding planner will be able help you personalise you wedding in the way you want it. She should have a good list of suppliers and contacts to help you and the knowledge of the area to guide you to the venue that will fit your personality and vision. If you are going to the trouble of having a wedding in Italy, it might be nice to have a few of the Italian traditions, which your planner will be able to bring to life.

What about Brexit?

Although none of us know what will truly happen after Brexit, it is unlikely to change the cost of your wedding by too much and it might well go in your favour, thereby saving you money.

Do we have to pay for our guests’ travel?

Although this would probably guarantee a full guest list, it is the norm for guests to pay their own travel and accommodation costs. A nice touch is to hold a thank-you dinner or reception for them on the night before the wedding as a welcome dinner.

How do we get everyone to the venue?

Getting everyone from different airports at different times can be a herculean task! It is best to talk to your wedding planner about this and ask if she can help.

How do I travel with my dress?

Ask your wedding dress shop how best to pack this to avoid it getting too creased. The venue is highly likely to be able to help with ironing anything difficult. It is also an idea to contact the airline to see if they can allow extra hand luggage room for you. Your wedding planner will also be able to advise on how to get extra items to the venue.

How do I cope with everything being last minute, if I can’t get to the venue before the wedding for rehearsals?

Just remember that your planner and the venues are used to dealing with things at the last minute. They will help liaise with your venue about timings of rehearsals and suppliers etc. You will find that the planning is much easier than you expected and worth every minute for a wonderful wedding in Italy.


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