Valle del Marta

The Hotel Valle del Marta is a wonderful, family run, spa hotel, nestled in the lee of the hill under the historic centre of Tarquinia, overlooking the sea.

Beach Weddings & Wedding Venues

Casale Nebbia

The Hotel is located in a stunning elevated location, on a hilltop south of Tarquinia, in the midst of rolling countryside.


For a romantic beach wedding, Tibidabo is the perfect setting. The club backs on to the beach, with the covered veranda overlooking the sea - a wonderful place for the reception.  Afterwards, watch the sun go down, whilst partying around a bonfire!

Castello di Ceri

Located on top of a hill, this historic Medieval castle with the adjoining delightful village and garden, make a perfect place for a fairytale wedding.

Abbey San Giusto

San Giusto Abbey is a special place, an ancient monastery in a pristine valley, among lavender fields and olive trees, a hidden gem in the countryside of Central Italy, between Tuscany and Umbria, just an hour north of Rome.

The abbey is the perfect place for those who love the simplicity of the Italian countryside, and the beauty and grandeur of an ancient medieval monastery, a perfect place for unconventional weddings, full of charm and atmosphere.

01010 Tarquinia, VT



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